Essential Nutrients Systems is a well-recognised livestock production firm. Our origins are in nutritional consultancy and include services which extend into product development and manufacture. We strive to add meaningful value within all aspects of animal production with specialized attention in intensive beef, dairy and sheep production.

We pride ourselves in establishing close working relationships with our clients to provide objective, tangible and practical solutions.


After completing his BSc Agric degree, Henning worked as a farm manager and in 1999 joined OTK Feed Company working in dairy and beef technical management as well as in the development of molasses based liquid feed supplements.

Henning founded Essential Nutrients Systems in June 2001. Initially the company only focused on providing nutritional technical support and management systems for feedlot and dairy industries. Since then, the company has specialized in on-site automated dispensing systems for minerals and feed additives and has once again evolved to provide quality feed solutions to clients.


Essential Nutrients Systems mission is to assist clients in developing nutritional & practical operational programmes which:

  • Recognise available resources & constraints of the production systems operating environment.
  • Simplify production processes to create repeatability within the operation, that follows through to a consistent end point (carcass, milk etc.)
  • Recognize opportunities within the operation for economic improvement.


ENS’s vision is to continue to grow as a successful business through:

  • encouraging a professional, supportive, educational & progressive work environment amongst our staff.
  • building personalised relationships and service with our clients, based on knowledge, integrity and mutual respect.


Essential Nutrients Systems provides a comprehensive nutritional consultancy service, complete customized solutions for livestock nutrition as well as patented Micro & Macro Ingredient Dosing units. The Essential Solutions provide a holistic approached aimed at allowing clients the opportunity to achieve individual production potential.

Optimal livestock performance requires synchronization of multiple disciplines into a daily time managed repeatable, consistent management program.


  • Livestock
  • Foodstuffs
  • Equipment
  • Staff

  • Animal nutrient requirements for production – Ingredients energy/quality & cost.
  • Feed manufacturing resources (i.e. staff & equipment).
  • Feed formulation & dietary management program.
  • On-site training & program implementation.

  • Close-out audit (i.e. dry matter intake DMI, dry matter conversion DMC, average daily gain ADG, cost of gain COG, milk yield, milk fat%).
  • Equipment benchmark of operational efficiency.
  • Constantly identifying areas of potential improvement.

Essential Nutrients Systems formulates and supplies quality custom mixes and specialized diets to clients countrywide. The ongoing success of Essential Nutrients Systems’ scientifically formulated animal feed lies in the consistent use of high-quality raw materials and implementation of rigorous quality control while still ensuring affordable solutions.


  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Sheep
  • Equine
  • Pigs

Essential Nutrients Systems is devoted to providing optimal nutritional products through continual research and development to provide clients with the best possible product, at the best possible price.


  • Afrond HPK / Finishing HPC
  • Dairy HPK / HPC
  • Skaap HPK / Sheep HPC
  • Skaap Afrond / Sheep Finisher
  • Lekkonsentraat / Lick Concentrate
  • Winter Lek / Winter Lick
  • Produksie Lek / Production Lick
  • Fosfaat Lek / Phosphate Lick
  • Bees Semi-Volvoer / Beef Semi-Full feed
  • Kruipvoer / Creepfeed
  • Wildkorrels / Game Pellets
  • Perdevoer / Equine Feed
  • Lek bloeke / Lick Blocks

The Essential Nutrients Systems HPC (High Protein Concentrate) range allows clients to efficiently mix on-farm total feeds with consistent peace of mind.


Integrated or standalone Micro & Macro Ingredient units that will take feed efficiency and profitability to a higher level in your feeding system.


This unique design was developed and tested in several different size operations in the past decade. This model’s accuracy and reliable operational track record will be a valuable addition to your feed mill. With this proven concept you will be able to tailor made each diet according to your target animal’s micro mineral and medication requirements.


  • Standard 6 Bin Stainless Steel 50 L capacity holding bins for ingredients (e.g. trace minerals, vitamins, feed additives -lonophores, enzymes, etc.).
  • Variable speed drive and dual speed settings on individual augers for better accuracy.
  • Stainless steel discharge pump.
  • Individual and simultaneous loss of weight weighing for fast and accurate dispensing of multiple ingredients.
  • Easy programmable 8 Recipes PLC setup with adjustable low level alarms and inventory logging options.
  • Low level Alarms notification on separate ingredients.
  • Generates batch reports on onboard printer.
  • Scheduled Inventory reports daily.

  • Additional peristaltic pumps or gear pumps to accommodate liquid products.
  • Additional flow meters to measure ingredient dosing and water flush volume.
  • Wireless communication for real-time ingredient inventory.

  • Macro bins up to 3 cubic meter in volume with live bottom augers for handling bulk ingredients like limestone, urea, salt.
  • Horizontal conveyors and steep incline conveyor systems.
  • System integrations with existing mill software (SCADA) or handshake with third party software.

Livestock Production Firm



Diamond V ®

Diamond V ® is well recognized throughout the animal nutrition field as an innovative, scientifically-motivated feed ingredient supplier. They have been providing natural, research-proven yeast culture products for more than 60 years and are constantly looking for practical solutions to the nutritional problems encountered in modern animal agriculture. Diamond V ® manufactures yeast culture fermentation products and high-selenium yeast to animal feed companies, dairy milk producers, beef cattle feedlots and integrated swine and poultry operations world-wide. Diamond V ® sought ENS assistance in distribution of their exceptional products for the South African livestock industry.

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Digi-Star is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of electronic weighing systems and feed management systems for the global agricultural market. Digi-Star forms part of the Topcon Agriculture Group which provides advanced IoT connected field and farm management solutions for aftermarket and OEM customers in the agriculture industry, integrating high-precision hardware, software and data to bring efficiency and enhance productivity to every phase of farming operations.

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  • They develop effective responses and solutions to current and emerging industry issues within the meat industry.
  • Provide a rapid-response advisory service to the industry.
  • Contribute to key industry advisory committees, meetings & conferences.
  • Carry out applied research & development projects for meat processors.
  • Provide access to information on meat processing & food safety.
  • Distribute regular meat technology updates to the industry with information on the latest developments.

Meet the team

Henning Vermaak
Managing Director

Tel: 083 272 7682
E-Mail: henning@essentialnutrients.co.za

Anna-Marie Verhoef

Tel: 081 404 5042
E-Mail: annamarie@essentialnutrients.co.za